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A next-generation digital loyalty program which automatically rewards customers for spending money locally

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The next generation loyalty
program for towns and cities

The Mi Rewards program is innovative, easy to use and encourages customers to spend more in your town or city. Old style loyalty schemes have tried and failed. Mi Rewards is a next generation loyalty solution that approaches loyalty at a place level, bringing businesses together in a coalition to benefit the customer, the business and the area.

Using prizes to reward customers is a formula that works, enabling places to create an attractive, ever changing consumer proposition whilst keeping the program free for businesses. The data and insights generated through Mi Rewards will help you to understand your customers, measuring and identifying what works and what doesn’t, and rewarding local spend. Mi Rewards offers zero friction, positive user experience and the power to solve the conundrum of high street loyalty.

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Powered by Mastercard. Easy for businesses. Loved by Customers.

With your own local gift card, you can make loving local easy and desirable, provide measurable support for your business community, and keep money locked into your area. And, as Town & City Gift Cards work through the Mastercard network, merchants don’t need any additional equipment or training to take part.

Over 200 Towns & Cities already have their own gift card program supported by Miconex. 

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Traditionally town and city loyalty programs are difficult to deploy, difficult to run and difficult to measure. By working with our clients, Miconex has identified the reasons for this and we have designed Mi Rewards to eliminate these pain points.

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Once registered with Mi Rewards, participants start earning points as they shop, dine and enjoy your town or city. As they experience your place, they earn points. These points are exchanged for entry into prize draws for local prizes, with £1 equalling 1 point. Every 10 points is one prize draw entry. Through prizes, you can showcase the best of your area, target different ages and interests, and offer exciting money-can’t-buy experiences. National and business level prizes, elevate the Mi Rewards program and making it even more enticing for customers.


The appeal of Mi Rewards is the simplicity and ease of use for customers, businesses and places. It removes all of the pain points that are associated with many loyalty programs, using smart technology to reward customers seamlessly. It’s a system that businesses can adjust to suit their needs, that works alongside their existing business model, marketing and loyalty programs.

No loyalty cards. No fuss. Just rewards

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Place centred loyalty is more than a single transaction, it is regular, consistent interactions with your town or city. To achieve loyalty, we have to engage participants, encouraging local and loyal shopping. Here’s how we do it:

Prize news- Each month, customers automatically receive details of the new prizes for that month, building excitement and driving spend.

Targeted communications- Automated communications are tailored to customers, providing useful, interesting content that inspires them to shop local and loyal.

The Mi Rewards app- If customers choose to use the Mi Rewards app too, they will receive a notification when they spend money with a registered business. Thanking them for shopping locally, the message is a positive reinforcement and can be personalised at a business level.


With Mi Rewards, data is automatically generated each time a customer spends money at a participating business in your town or city using a linked card. This real-time customer data, accessed through the Mi Rewards Reporting Centre, helps you to understand more about customers, such as where they are from, spend by sector, and spend by time of day.

How we work with you to deliver success

Our aim is to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible, so you can focus on communicating with your key stakeholders, such as businesses, customers and the local community, getting everyone on board in time for the launch of your Mi Rewards program.

The launch of Mi Rewards is just the beginning, Miconex will work with you to help deliver the maximum value for your business community, helping to grow participation levels, promote businesses, reward local spend and engage local residents. The resultant data will help you to understand your customers.

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