The road to net zero - statement of intent from Miconex

Miconex has launched its statement of intent to be net-zero on emissions by 2045.

Miconex's Chief Operating Officer, Leigh Brown, has announced Miconex's intention to embed sustainability throughout its operations, minimising emissions in all business areas over time, providing a strong foundation from which to formally pursue net zero within 12 months, from June 2025 and join Scotland’s world-leading climate change legislation to be net-zero on emissions by 2045.

Our goal in the next 12 months is to make a commitment to net zero and implement a strategy that will help us achieve that roadmap. This will be achieved by completing the following:

Develop a full net zero strategy

Over the next 12 months through the following actions, Miconex will:
    1. Carry out an audit of our current carbon footprint and identify direct and indirect emissions within our organisation. 
    2. Benchmark our current carbon baseline and set measures to reduce our carbon footprint.
    3. Through SMART targets establish clear environmental credentials in preparation for our net zero Strategy and establish a means of recording data for all scope 1 (direct) and scope 2 and 3 (indirect) emissions.

Implementing immediate steps 

That will help start this journey to net zero including:

    1. Limit the use of emissions-intensive travel as per Scope 3 (indirect emissions) or where possible avoid any emissions-intensive travel.
    2. Consider the sustainability credentials of prospective suppliers when making purchasing decisions as part of reducing indirect emissions for our company.
    3. Ensure industrial and commercial processes are streamlined to avoid unnecessary generation of waste and/or emissions. 
    4. Source sustainable materials and observe resource efficiency throughout our operations. 
    5. Use clean energy and avoid/limit the use of fossil fuels across operations. 
    6. Avoid the use of offsetting as a means of achieving short term carbon reductions. 

Ensure Company wide buy-in

On achieving net zero goals and reducing our carbon impacts on the planet; we will ensure this happens throughout our team by:
    1. Embedding a culture of sustainability via on-going staff training and engagement. 
    2. Working with departments engage a steering group within the company across all levels that helps to holistically review and checkpoint our roadmap to Net Zero
    3. Work with our external partners and customers to promote awareness of reducing our carbon impact on the planet and environmental matters, through our communications.
    4. Attend relevant workshops and conferences and work with expert companies in net zero to ensure we are working towards the correct strategy and approach. 

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