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Nicole Soave joined Miconex as a Product Manager in September 2021, working on the implementation of new gift card systems across the UK and Ireland, and o

Nicole Soave joined Miconex as a Product Manager in September 2021, working on the implementation of new gift card systems across the UK and Ireland, and on a range of projects within the wider client success team.

Nicole has a degree in Business Studies, experience as a service manager and a credit controller, and is also a fully qualified outdoor instructor with a keen interest in running. Here Nicole tells us more about the career journey that led her to Miconex:

“I wanted to be a lifeguard when I was very young but eventually decided to do a business course and moved into credit control in my early 20s. I was working as a credit controller when I turned 30. I realised that I didn’t want to be sitting in an office, I wanted to get out and see the world and learn new skills whilst I was still young enough to do it. I’d always been into skiing, so I rented out my house, stored everything with my parents and signed up to do an outdoor instructor course in Aviemore during the bad winter of 2010.

“It was completely out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. My parents and friends were really supportive. I had to live off the rental income I had coming in because whilst I was on the course, I wasn’t being paid. Fortunately though, I wasn’t spending much either. After Aviemore, I went to Switzerland to become a ski instructor, then to Austria for the ski season. I enjoyed it so much that I took it a step further and got a job at a ski centre in Scotland. Winters were on the slopes and summers were in the office at the outdoor centre, and that’s how I spent the next 6 years.

“Becoming an outdoor instructor definitely made me more confident. As an instructor, you have to be able to speak to people at all levels and make that connection really quickly. It might be a family, so you have to talk to the children and reassure them that they’ll be fine and that it will be great fun, and calm the parents down too. People are often, understandably, quite nervous. They’re putting their life in your hands, so being able to present a professional, competent demeanour is vital to them developing enough trust in you to ski down that mountain.

“After numerous injuries and two ankle surgeries, it was finally time to  get a proper career again and in 2016 I took a job at Dicksons of Perth in their after sales and service department. My role involved organising the workshop and mechanics, processing work to a timely schedule and working in an extremely busy, demanding environment. During the pandemic, I rediscovered a love for running, and that has become a big part of my life, competing in half marathons and other events. I also enjoy mountain biking.

“I’d heard about Town and City Gift Cards, specifically the Perth Gift Card, and when I saw the position with Miconex I thought it sounded really interesting. Everyone has become more interested in shopping locally, right across the generations. My parents and I usually go to Edinburgh for Christmas shopping, but last year I suggested we shop locally in Perth instead. We were able to get unique gifts, and something totally different to what we would have been able to buy online. Shopping locally also brings that personal touch, being able to chat to business owners and hear about the adaptations they have made following the pandemic. Customers appreciating that personal connection is something I noticed during my time at Dicksons too.

“Even though I live in Perth where Miconex is based, my role at the company will be mainly remote which is very appealing. It means less time travelling and greater productivity. There’s also the option to go to the office for face to face meetings as needed. If I’m in the office, I can walk to work in 30 minutes which is a real bonus.

“At Miconex, I’m enjoying putting my organisational skills, and experience managing deadlines and processes, to good use. I’m also looking forward to working with clients right across the world.”

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